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Trevor is a globally renowned business success coach who has devoted over 20,000 hours of coaching to help his clients achieve and sustain remarkable results.

For 25 years, Trevor McGregor has helped entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals shift from feeling worried, frustrated and overwhelmed to growing their confidence and achieving phenomenal levels of success.

Trevor works with some of the world’s top real estate investors, leaders and even high profile celebrities.

They all seek him for one reason only: Trevor's cutting-edge transformational coaching. 

Learn how Trevor's coaching can help you change your psychology and grow your business, real estate and your profits to new levels.




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Here's What Trevor's Clients Have to Say


"Allow me to start off by saying that Coach Trevor was recommended to me by a friend who has had a lot of success in Real Estate.  

When I first spoke with Trevor, I found him to be very dynamic and very engaging. Since working together for the past 3 years, Trevor has given me a lot of amazing coaching that has allowed me to crush it in my business and my personal life as well.  

They say that you become the 5 people you hang around with most and Trevor is one of those people that I’m proud to say is in my Top 5 and will be for a very long time."

- Charles Raschella, High Performance Real Estate Agent - Montreal, Canada

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